About Kumon Math and Reading Program

Toru Kumon, a math teacher in Japan, developed the Kumon Method for Learning in 1954. As a high school math teacher, he wanted to know what students needed in order to do well in high level math classes at the high school level. He began to develop homework assignments for his son in an incremental fashion, making sure that his son had complete comprehension of each concept before moving on to a new skill.

Kumon’s son was the first student to benefit from his method, and other parents in their community began to notice how quickly he began to advance. He was solving calculus problems by 6th grade! Kumon opened the first Kumon Center in Japan a year after beginning work with his son. By 1958, the Kumon Method began to spread, and the first one opened outside of Japan in 1974. In the U.S., the math program was so successful that a group of literature and reading experts decided to adapt it to create a Kumon reading program, which began in 1991.

Success with Kumon

Today the Kumon program is the largest after school academic program for reading and math in the world. The individualized touch used by our instructors empowers children to learn concepts in reading and math according to their own abilities rather than a generic lesson plan set forth by teachers working with a large class.

Each participating child gets his or her own individualized curriculum, which enables them to gain complete comprehension of each concept before they move on to the next one. The Kumon program focuses entirely on teaching all students from preschool through high school to be self-reliant and confident in their learning as they take on new ideas at their own pace.

How the Kumon Curriculum Works

Our curriculum includes a variety of exercises for instructors to choose from based on the skill level and learning pace of the child. The curriculum is developed by our Materials Development and Instruction Department, which is made up of professionals who focus on understanding how students learn and solve the problems on their worksheets.

Each lesson encourages students to learn on their own and make discoveries, and every concept builds on one previously mastered. Our math lessons start with basic counting for preschool students and extend to calculus for advanced high school students. Our reading lessons begin with basic phonetics and go all the way through advanced reading comprehension. Our curriculum is always being updated as learning trends and needs change, and instructors are constantly reviewing each student’s progress and making changes as needed in order for each of them to excel.

Kumon is for All Skill Levels

Our unique enrichment program is designed in a way that enables children to study the type of material that will enhance their learning the most. It’s perfect both for students who are struggling and also those who simply need challenges that will take them further than their regular school lessons go. More than 33 percent of the Canadian students who participate in the Kumon program are studying material that is one to three years above their school grade level.

Today the Kumon program is the largest after school academic program for reading and math in the world.

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